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Our enterprise solutions allow you to incorporate emotional intelligence in your products, services and experiences.

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Based on our existing core-technology we develop customized and context-specific algorithms for our clients. We strongly believe that recognizing emotions and affective states of humans is essential to enable breakthrough innovations in the key verticals. Machines, things, products or robots will be able to dynamically adapt to the users' needs and preferences with unprecedented speed and accuracy in order to offer safer, more efficient, increasingly customized and seamlessly fitting applications.

Some of our multimodal Emotion AI solutions in action:

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New Work

With our clients we develop New Work solutions to reduce mental stress at the workplace and decode human flow. Emotion AI is embedded as an assistant system in the work context.

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Automotive Industry

We apply in-cabin driver state recognition to develop a more personalized and empathetic driving experience. Accident prevention, comfort features, adaptive driving styles or individualized automotive features are new fields of innovation for the automotive industry triggered by Emotion AI.

Smart Products with TAWNY inside
We make products, robots and digital systems empathic. Soon, there will be 75Bn connected devices on the planet and a huge part of them will be equipped with emotional intelligence. We help you to make your consumer and health products smart and humanize technology.
Customer Service

At the interface to the customers human emotions play a fundamental roles. Emotion AI solutions for call centers and video conferencing communication is a field for innovation we work on.

Media & Entertainment

No matter if it is immersive gaming, media installations, crazy promotion campaigns or crowd emotion detection. A new playground opend up by Emotion AI technology.


Emotional meta data add value to the actors engaged in sports including pro athletes, amateurs, coaches, spectators in live or media settings. Together with our clients we develop applications for various sports scenarios.


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