Depth Psychology meets Facial Coding

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Big news! Rheingold institute is using TAWNY as tech provider. Read here how they integrated TAWNY into their existing, mainly Depth Psychological interview settings and how Depth Psychology and algorithms enable more accurate predictions in the future!
 In general, there are huge benefits in using facial technology to get deep implicit insights. But Stephan Urlings from Rheingold Institute also stresses: "We achieve better results when we combine Emotion Recognition with a depth psychological analysis using in-depth interviews".
Read the full article here and contact us for more information.
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Thanks to Mr. Urling for this summary, we look forward to your use of our recognition technology.
Stephan Urlings is Managing Partner at rheingold and Head of International Research. As an expert in health topics, he conducts numerous in-depth psychological market research studies on motivational foundations and consumer trends, product innovations, brand positioning and advertising communication. He also investigates social and political issues for NGOs, associations and political parties. He studied psychology at the University of Cologne and has also completed training as a therapist (intensive analytical counseling). 





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