TAWNY Video Test

*** powered by our Emotion AI technology





The official launch of our new Emotion AI package is done, so let's get now a bit more in detail.

As you know - with our TAWNY Video Test you get an all-around full-service package that measures human emotional reactions to videos.


For example, you can test movie trailers, advertisements, social media content, and in general all kinds of video creatives. 

You get both, and this is very unique, the conscious and unconscious insights.


#easy #quick #fast #affordable 




  • #VideoTestExplained: Start now and compare your videos with each other in an A/B test. Challenge it to benchmarks! Analyze some emotional scores and determine the winner of the most emotional creative.

For this, you simply provide your video(s) and define the target group - we do the rest and present you with unprecedented insights into the emotional journey of your users and customers by using our Emotion AI technology!!!
This is the modern way of testing videos and we are curious what outputs we can generate for you.






Measure your audience's reaction, see their emotional engagement with your videos and unveil how they react to your messages. Let the explicit and implicit measurement team up and make use of our Emotion AI Technology, for sure we give you insights like never before.


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