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Your plan to get started with Emotion AI

You are looking to gain implicit, emotional insights from your consumers? Or use the implicit TAWNY Emotion AI measurement as add-on to your explicit measurements?! Look no further! 

Before you start, would you like to learn more about the various functions of our platform? In an expert demo, we are pleased to help you to familiarize yourself with the most important features of our Emotion-AI-Platform and how the insights can best be used for your particular use case. 


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Select the service model that works for you

Choose the flexible service model that works best for your business. We offer three packages depending on your service need, ranging from "Do it yourself" to "Do it together" and "Do it for me".


Do it yourself

For you that wants to use our emotion technology, but has the rest under control
100 GB
Storage (on-going)
Analyzed minutes (one-time)

199 € per month

(2388 € billed annually, exclusive of VAT)

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Do it together

For you that wants to learn from our expertise and develop projects together
Everything from "Do it yourself" + book our additional expert services:
Study design
Recruiting participants
Recording & data collection
In-depth data assessment
Presentation of results
Training & education
Project setup (starter kit)
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Do it for me

For you that wants to do one project at a time - get customized emotion insights quick and effortless
Fully managed Emotion AI project from start to finish:
No subscription needed
Pay per project
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Pay-per-use and flexibly fill up storage & analysed minutes and book the recording tool as you need for your projects


1 TB

30 € per month
(360 € billed annually, exclusive of VAT)

Analysis volume

1000 minutes

200 €
(exclusive of VAT)

Recording tool

Talk to us

from 750 €
(exclusive of VAT)