Measuring human emotions in the age of AI

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Your benefits using the TAWNY Emotion AI Platform

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Cutting-edge & AI-powered algorithms

The emotion recognition and detection is based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

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The platform offers easy-to-use and intuitive emotion analytics. No background knowledge in emotion science required.

Automated & Scalable emotion analytics

Upload and analyze emotions in hundreds of videos within minutes and get detailed moment-by-moment emotion data.

Easy to set up, no lab required

TAWNY's technology frees you from complicated lab setups. You only need a standard camera. We also take care of different camera perspectives. No need to tie your participants to a fixed position.

Remote & in natural environment

Collect and analyze emotional feedback within the natural usage scenario at home or on the move.


The self-service approach allows an extremly attractive and flexible pricing at a fraction of cost compared to other solutions on the market.

Trusted by renowned clients & partners

Emotion AI for Market and Media Research
Analyze your customers' reactions
Emotion Analytics for Market and Media Research

Find out how consumers react to your TV ad, video content, billboards and product prototypes or simply supercharge your qualitative research methods.

Understand your users' experience
Emotion Analytics for UX and Digital Testing

Get deep insights into the user experience and measure what humans feel throughout the digital journey using digital apps, websites or social media.

UX and Digital Testing
Scientific Research
Emotion Analytics for Scientific Research

Measuring human emotions with cutting-edge and AI-based technology support researchers on their mission to set up unique experimental projects. Collect and crunch the data for first-class publicaitons.

Even more
Just a few features we know you'll love:
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Various emotion metrics

Valence, arousal, basic emotions, peak analysis and many more metrics based on facial expression analysis, moment-by-moment.

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Export the emotion raw data

Download the well organized .csv raw data for further processing in your tool of choice, e.g. SPSS, R or Python and profit form pre-analysed plots and charts.

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We handle complicated footage

Another person running through the recording? Stimulus and participant recording out of sync? No problem, TAWNY's tech handles typical errors of study setups gracefully.

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No more waiting for analysis results

TAWNY's analysis servers scale infinitely. No matter how many recordings you want to analyze and how long your videos are, you get all your results within minutes.

"TAWNY’s mission to humanize technology based on emotion recognition opens up a whole new universe of fresh ideas to fill the innovation pipe. Next generation media testing, empathic callcenters, smart cities reducing stress of their citizens. Using real-time emotional insights will help us to create unique media offerings and innovation."


Christian von den Brincken
Managing Director at Ströer


Stefan Wagner
SVP SAP, Managing Director SAP Labs Munich

“It's a pleasure to work with the TAWNY team. Very professional, focused and it is fun at the same time.”

“It was really fascinating to see how fan emotions can be captured with the TAWNY technology. This is a whole new playground to create unique digital fan experiences.”  


Lukas Horn
Content Manager Online Marketing at FC Bayern München Basketball

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