Vision AI. Human Analytics. Privacy-first.

We are pioneers in AI-based video analytics. We combine people flow, emotion, and attention data to analyze human behavior in groups and on the individual level. Our technology allows you to decode complex human affective states and behavior in real-time using simple camera hardware. We offer off-the-shelf as well as custom solutions for a wide range of industries, developed and tested with established partners and clients.

Patented algorithms and systems.

Since 2017, we have collected our proprietary data sets and have built commercially usable high-precision models. Today, our technology is patented.

Running on any camera.

Our algorithms process any type of video data, including recorded video material or real-time input from high-resolution industrial camera systems or simple webcams.

GDPR compliant.

As a German company, data privacy is within our DNA. We develop all solutions according to GDPR standards.

Made in Germany.

We are based in Munich, one of Europe's most thriving innovation hubs. Come and meet our team in the Schellingstraße.

As a leading brand for live communication worldwide, we are happy to enter a long-term partnership with TAWNY. Their cutting-edge Vision AI technology to capture audience analytics will be part of our game-changing event analytics platform knw.net
Michael Tschakert
Global Director Strategy & Business Development
Live Matters
We have conducted several tests with TAWNY, and our experience with this supplier has been very positive. Not only because their platform offers state of the art facial coding metrics, but also for their interest and dedication to solve promptly and professionally, all doubts arising during our collaboration period.
Federico Martínez
Business Development Director
It was fascinating to see how fan emotions can be captured with the TAWNY technology. This is a whole new playground to create unique digital fan experiences.
Lukas Horn
Content Manager Online Marketing
FC Bayern München Basketball
It's a pleasure to work with the TAWNY team. Very professional, focused and it is fun at the same time.
Stefan Wagner
Senior Vice President
TAWNY has established themselves as a trusted technology provider in our advertising research process. Their work, including multiple projects for a renowned client in the Asian market, showcases their expertise and reliability in delivering impactful insights and results.
Ned Pankhurst
Head Programmer User Experience
IMI International