Vision AI – also known as Computer Vision – is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables machines to interpret and understand visual information from the world.


Crowd Analytics

Crowd analytics, at its core, revolves around the application of advanced computer vision techniques to comprehend the dynamics of large groups of people. As part of the TAWNY Vision AI technology, we employ cameras and sophisticated algorithms to capture and analyze collective crowd behavior and individual movements and actions (people tracking) in diverse scenarios.

In public transportation, it facilitates real-time monitoring of crowd dynamics, optimizing transit efficiency and passenger experience. For events, crowd vision ensures safety and smooth operations by analyzing and managing large crowds. In the retail industry, it transforms customer experiences through data-driven insights into foot traffic and shopping behaviors, influencing store layout and marketing strategies.

Across these domains, crowd vision emerges as a critical tool for data-driven decision-making, fostering efficiency, safety, and improved user experiences.


Emotion AI

Emotion AI, a groundbreaking technology that gauges and interprets human emotions through facial expressions, has become a game-changer across diverse industries, with a significant impact on market research.

In market research, Emotion AI enables a deeper understanding of consumer reactions to products, advertisements, or services by analyzing emotional responses. This nuanced insight goes beyond traditional surveys, providing businesses with invaluable data to refine their offerings and tailor marketing strategies. Beyond market research, Emotion AI finds applications in customer service, enhancing digital interactions through sentiment analysis, or in entertainment, where it contributes to personalized experiences and content recommendations.

Emotion AI stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing how industries connect with and respond to human emotions in various contexts.


Eye Tracking

Web-cam based eye tracking is a cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of computer vision to monitor and analyze a user's eye movements through a simple webcam.

In market research, this innovative tool provides unprecedented insights into consumer behavior by precisely tracking gaze patterns and eye fixation on digital interfaces. By understanding what draws attention and elicits visual engagement, businesses gain a granular understanding of user preferences and can optimize website layouts, advertisements, and product displays. Web-cam based eye tracking enables researchers to evaluate the effectiveness of online content, identify areas of interest, and refine user experiences, ultimately enhancing the impact of digital marketing strategies.

This non-intrusive and cost-effective eye tracking solution opens new frontiers in market research, offering businesses a powerful tool to decipher visual attention and refine their online presence.