We measure human emotions powered by AI

The Emotion AI technology marks a fundamental shift in how we can automatically analyze users' perceptions and experiences to develop better and more human-centric products. This technology should not be reserved for the big guys. TAWNY makes it accessible for everyone.

Emotions play a fundamental role in social life, how we consume or how we make decisions. Emotional Intelligence is the major building block of human communication.

With the help of modern techniques from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can enable machines to understand human behavior and develop empathy. This allows us to adapt technology to the human users' needs and preferences.

It is a powerful technology which has to be used responsibly. TAWNY is a European company, based on European values and principles regarding privacy, data protection and ethical development of technology.

We believe that unlocking the potential of Emotion AI  will allow humankind to enter a new era of human-machine interaction by enabling a machine-supported but human-centric future.

We're early on our journey but making good progress: German newspaper Handelsblatt awarded us as the "most visionary AI startup" and we've been named one of Germany's most innovative young companies. Many renowned companies already trust in TAWNY technology to ensure their products and services are developed with user-centricity in mind. Researchers rely on our algorithms to better understand human behavior and we have contributed new state-of-the-art methods to the scientific community of affective computing.


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