Emotion AI - online conference AAIC Vienna

Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020. We are really proud to update you with this:


📅 Europe's largest B2B AI Conference goes virtual - Find out how you can make AI work for your business, and network with over 1000 participants from 60+ nations

▶️ Free of charge for companies, r&d institutions and public organizations
▶️ Participate via browser, smartphone or tablet
▶️ Join keynotes and interact with speakers
▶️ 1:1 business meetings managed via Video Conference Calls
▶️ Deep-dive workshop video conferences in small groups

Find more information and register via ➡️  https://aaic2020.b2match.io/


TAWNY will be on board and exclusively presents its first webinar about "Emotion AI" - hurry up and get your free tickets and listen to the webinar - it''s limited to 50 participants.

For more information read here!

Don't hesitate to contact us, if there are some more questions.

Meanwhile see this: : https://youtu.be/JedXnE7XaxI


Looking forward to meet you!

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