TAWNY in the Absatzwirtschaft

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"Why do we buy what we buy? Marketing and brain research says that purchasing decisions are largely unconscious and always emotional. But how do you find out?" Answers to this you can find in the new "Absatzwirtschaft" -focus of their first print issue this year, lays on #neuromarketing, a interface between psychology, artificial intelligence and market research which is known for over 20 years, but is still uncharted territory for many. 

Read about this complex discipline: They want to show more utility, more concretely applicable knowledge, more orientation and the best - they featured TAWNY. 
Thanks for that, it is a great pleasure for us to be a shown part of your new focus topics!

AW: "Munich-based #startup TAWNY.AI reads emotions from facial expressions - via #video using #KI software. With #facialcoding, the effect of video spots can be measured without test subjects having to come to the lab. And not only that."




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