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Already seen this interesting article "How AI can help predict ad skipping"?
The unexpected ad appearance is often perceived as annoying and has an impact on user behavior. With "affective computing," these emotions can now be detected and analyzed. The results can revolutionize the #marketresearch industry.

Ad skipping emotions

Can facial expressions help predict whether advertising will be skipped?

In order to answer this question, TAWNY, in cooperation with the Master's program in Psychology (thematic focus "Behavioral and Consumer Psychology") and students of Business Psychology at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich, conducted a basic study with 25 participants to investigate how emotional reactions affect the skip behavior of skippable advertising.
The user experience of the video platform Youtube was simulated and five high-quality, skippable advertising clips and five low-quality advertising clips of computer games were presented. Game-affine test subjects were presented with these clips, and the participants' emotion data were recorded and analyzed during viewing.
Companies can use this technology to improve the effectiveness of their advertising in this way and better meet the needs of users.
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