Emotional Intelligent Ad Testing

Producing the biggest smile


In a world flooded by advertisement everywhere we look – how can marketers make sure that their campaigns are actually resonating with target customers? In just one day, an average adult can be exposed to around 5000 ads, be it on television, radio, Internet or print. This number is already 10 times higher compared to the number of ads a person was exposed to in the 1970s (USC, 2020). Under these conditions, it is easy that a single ad gets forgotten in the pile.


The most successful ads today are those that create an emotional connection with the audience. In an assessment of campaign performance, 31% of the ads with emotional content succeeded versus only 16% of the ads based on rational content (USC, 2020). Marketers know this, however most of the ads out there still focus on building rational arguments promoting the features and benefits of their products to convince the viewers to buy. It is also well-known that most people perceive ads as intrusive and tend to skip them if possible, download ad-blockers, ignore them or even pay for premium subscriptions to avoid them completely. To reach people and avoid your ad from being blocked or ignored, it is important to build an emotional connection with the viewer and to create campaigns that truly resonate with your customers. Good storytelling ads create connections with the audience and Emotion AI technology can help to quantify the impact of these connections in real-time and improve the results of your campaigns.


At TAWNY, we tested two TV spots produced by a company in the Sweets and Confectionery industry. The reactions of 19 viewers were video recorded and then analyzed with the TAWNY Emotion Analytics platform. Both ads were funny and made jokes aiming to put a smile on the viewer’s faces. So, how can TAWNY Emotion Analytics insights help to find the best performing ads and improve your campaign? Here are two of our findings:

TAWNY can help to identify the exact moments that create a connection with the viewer – in our test, we identified two pivotal moments in spot 1 which occurred exactly when the jokes were told. At that moment, the viewers experienced a peak in terms of the positive feeling (valence). In spot 2 however, the positive feeling peaks did not occur exactly when the jokes were told, but a positive feeling constantly grew throughout time and reached its peak at the end. Showing the brand and product during these peaks could potentially increase the impact of your ad. Moreover, you can bring these engaging moments to other media channels.

TAWNY can help to improve the emotional targeting of your campaigns – we found that women viewers were more positive than men towards both spots, but the difference was greater in spot 2. Knowing that female viewers have a higher positive feeling while watching the second spot can potentially make targeting strategies more precise to reach the right viewers with the right content.


The possibilities are endless, it is up to you. The TAWNY DIY Emotion Analytics platform provides the necessary tools. Emotion AI is helping to measure emotions in a way which was not possible before. Measuring the emotional reactions of viewers as they watch your ads, can help you to discover the most powerful moments of your ad or to reach the most responsive audience to amplify its impact.






USC (2020). Thinking vs Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising. https://appliedpsychologydegree.usc.edu/blog/thinking-vs-feeling-the-psychology-of-advertising/






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