AI landscape

TAWNY among top 278 German AI Startups


We are excited to announce that the fourth annual "appliedAI German AI Startup Landscape" has just been published.

We are pleased that TAWNY has been included in this year’s landscape as one of the #top 278 AI Startups in all of Germany.
More than 1000 startups were screened to find the best #AI startups in Germany - so we are really proud to be part.
Feel free to share the report and get the whole overview.

  • How to read the landscape: In the list you can view all 278 startups sorted via their primary category within the clusters of Industry, Technology Type, Enterprise Intelligence or Enterprise Function.
  • Hover over the logo and click to read the full company description, or click the logo directly to head to the startups website and learn even more.
  • Head to the bottom of the page to see insights into the data and key learnings from the German AI startup ecosystem.
Some more insights you can also read here.
Happy March to all :D






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