And the winner is TAWNY

 German Market Research Award 2022!

TAWNYs Emotions Analytics convinces the jury


We are beyond proud - TAWNY is the winner of this year's German Market Research Award 2022 in the category "Innovation".


  • BVM

                                                                © Foto: Christian Augustin/BVM. Dr. Marco Maier, TAWNY/ Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Leiterin der Jury 

  • Nominated as one of the #top3 the BVM already honors innovative services that are important to & for the progress of the industry and its clients. TAWNY was shortlisted beside DJV Insights, the Institute of Living and Environment together with the IFAK Institute.


    All nominees presented their competition entry as part of the BVM congress program on June, 20.


    With: "Die TAWNY Emotion Analytics Plattform. Wie künstliche Intelligenz Marktforscher/innen hilft, menschliche Emotionen zu lesen" TAWNY won the race 😍💣.

    The TAWNY Emotion Analytics platform uses Artificial Intelligence to measure human emotions and belongs to the increasingly significant research area of affective computing. The research tool is characterized by three innovation components: technology, tool and analysis methods.


    Thus, we scored best of all entries in all four evaluation criteria as also the impact on efficiency and effectiveness of market research is very high, an evaluation criterion of the Innovation Award. 



    We are simply speechless that we impressed, like the head of the jury, Professor Andrea Gröppeil-Klein, said in her laudation, and thank the jury and all responsible decision-makers, of course, thanks also go to the whole TEAM TAWNY.


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