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Christmas is the celebration of love - and of good food and gifts!

Christmas is right at our doorstep and with it is the season of grocery shopping for extensive Christmas dinners and buying gifts for loved ones. Also, it's the time when we are overwhelmed by Christmas commercials fighting for our attention and buying power. So with little time and resources left, TAWNY has now taken the opportunity to test five different Christmas themed ads in a Guerilla Testing approach and analyze their emotional impact on the audience i.e., 


    • > ALDI "Endlich wieder Weihnachten, mit allem was dazu gehört!"
    > McDonald's "Die Zauberpommes" 
    > Fressnapf "Frohe Weihnachten für alle Tiere"
    > Otto "Vorfeue dich"   
    > Maerklin "Endlich wieder klein sein"



  • As for most people in our latitudes, Christmas comes as a very emotional occasion and is, above all, associated with positive emotions. The goal of this qualitative study was thus to find out, whether the people's positive attitude could be met in the commercials and potentially be leveraged towards branding and purchase performance.


"Furry friends trigger highly emotional experiences."


  1. What we could see throughout the study was that there was one advertisement specifically that exceeded the range in which emotional reactions to video ads normally are seen: the Fressnapf ad starring abandoned pets in the lead roles. Not only did this spot trigger the highest valence values, but it was also designed to create an emotionally appealing story including significant emotional peaks - resulting in a "well-formed" emotion trajectory!
  3. Fressnapf_graph2




...what's more?


Want to find out how the spots performed compared to each other and how the emotional response of the audience correlates with advertising KPIs like brand appeal, likability, or purchase intent?


Read it in the study below.



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