Crowd Dialogue #5

Within the framework of Crowd Dialogue #5 our CTO Dr. Marco Maier talked about AI and blockchain.

Additionally, our mother company - HYVE was the innovation partner and we had a wonderful HYVE booth, presenting TAWNY, ICAROS and all about our HYVE Crowd.

Thanks for the speakers' slot and the opportunity to talk about all that crazy digital development.

#hyveinnovation #crowddialog #powerofcrowd #openinnovation#businesstransformation



Crowd Dialogue

Crowd Dialogue #5


Im Rahmen des Crowd Dialogue #5 sprach unser CTO Dr. Marco Maier über AI und blockchain.

Zudem war unsere Mutterfirma - HYVE Innovationspartner und wir konnten uns gemeinsam auf einer großen Austellungsfläche präsentieren. Hier drehte sich alles um TAWNY, ICAROS und die HYVE Crowd.

Danke für den Speaker Slot, liebes Team vom Crowd Dialogue!

#hyveinnovation #crowddialog #powerofcrowd #openinnovation#businesstransformation


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