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We are proud to share that market research unit [m]SCIENCE (part of GroupM) has integrated our TAWNY Emotion AI technology into their latest product “EROC - Emotional Reactions on Creatives".  


What is EROC? It’s a new market research tool that holistically evaluates out-of-home advertising media using TAWNY Emotion AI. It’s setting the new standard in the industry by combining AI-based emotion measurements with traditional ad media KPI’s. The large benefit is that marketers are immediately able to understand the impact of their creatives in depth and adapt it precisely to the goals of their campaigns.   


The tool was developed in close cooperation with media professional Ströer, the largest German OoH marketer. We are very happy and excited to be in this partnership as a technology provider!


You can read more about EROC in various newspapers: 


HORIZONT - GroupM setzt p&a-Newcomer in der Marktforschung ein


W&V - M-Science: Neues Evaluations-Tool für OOH-Creatives


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