TAWNY Football EM 2021 - GER/FRA

Are you excited for the #UEFA #euro2020 ?!


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Join our #euro2020 Live Emotion Channels and share your fan #emotions with the others in the audience by clicking the link below:

Click here:

Germany vs. France on Tuesday 15/6 at 9pm CET


Germany vs. Portugal, Saturday 19/6 at 6pm CET


Germany vs. Hungary, Wednesday 23/6 at 9pm CET 



✅ super simple set up - click on the link --> enter the channel & watch the game. You then send your emotions automatically "into the room" - #anonymously and with privacy by design - just by activating your webcam locally.
Connect with friends while watching the game? Invite them to the channel, too!

Let's bring the #humanfactor into the stadium!
When using TAWNY Live Emotions, you can experience the feeling of social connectedness - digitally!


The TAWNY LIVE Emotions application can be used on your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone. All you have to do is to make sure that your face is visible! If you are watching with friends at home, just place the device on the coffee table and enjoy the game! 


You want to feel emotionally connected with your friend while watching the game? Invite them to the channel too! We are also happy to set up other game channels for different nationalities, so please reach out to us with any requests! 


Find all the benefits and features here: TAWNY Live Emotions


Feel the social connectedness - digitally!



Don't miss the chance to bring emotional insights to our public viewing event - contact us if you want your OWN channel!”

Contact us for TAWNY Live


We wish all the teams the very best and of course our fingers are crossed for the German team :)






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Are you excited for the #UEFA #euro2020 ?!

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