March 17, 2020

The Force – involving everything and everyone in the Star Wars™ universe. When controlled properly, it is even able to move things with pure willpower. Accompanying the grand finale of the Star Wars™ saga, TAWNY provides the technical highlight of this all-encompassing power in a staged promotion for the new LEGO ® Star Wars sets.

To promote the new LEGO Star Wars™ sets in the course of the film "Star Wars™: The Rise of Skywalker", THE FORCE was made real and tangible to all moviegoers in a unique installation. True to the motto "Build with the Force", a 3.5 m digital screen was set up for this purpose, on which young and old fans could compete against each other in a mixed-reality power duel, following the new TV spot.

The aim here was to use THE FORCE to reassemble one's own LEGO® spaceship faster than the respective opponent: With full concentration and intuitively pointing at their spaceship with the power gesture, the spaceships were put back together again - naturally by the power applied. The battle winner was, of course, the player with more applied power.

What felt real in front of the screen was only made possible by a complex machine-learning algorithm in the background. TAWNY provided the emotion recognition and thus the crucial technical component of the setup. Using the latest image recognition technologies, the algorithm combined various factors: gesture control, muscle tension, face recognition to measure concentration and even pulse recognition from the camera image. All factors were added to an individual power value that controlled what was happening on the screen.

This gave players the feeling of actually having the same legendary power as their idols on the big screen. With this unique staging, TAWNY ensured a real-life and tangible brand experience in the direct environment of the new movie, which motivated fans to rave about the story at home with the new LEGO® Star Wars™ sets:

May the force build with you!

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