The story about your heart, the variability and no secrets

#Offsight - When your heart is both your best and worst friend

Your heart knows all about you and it has no secrets from you. Did you know that? A really interesting article about heart rate variability in the latest issue of Carpe Diem. We would like to recommend it to you, not only because our technological work is also based on HRV, but also because you learn something about yourself and for life ;)

Our life is basically based on two systems, we have heard about them, but we hardly notice them. We're talking about the parasympathetic- and the sympathetic nervous system. The two complement each other in their system actions and manage to give us energy for our life to function.

The better they work together, the better life works out. It's simple. Or so you think...
But it has also been known for many years that it has everything to do with the heartbeat, especially with heart rate variability. It reacts very quickly to any external influences, including thoughts and our feelings. So - we are directed by miliseconds and the irregularities and can only survive that way. In four days we would be dead if the heart would beat regularly.
So now the question: How are you really doing? All this is answered by looking at the heart rate variability - it is the mirror of your vitality and tells us all about your emotions.

Thus we are happy that we have directed our research also in this direction. But read more here in the article and stay curious about what TAWNY will bring to light in the near future.

We are looking forward to it!


Source: Carpe Diem (2020) Was sagt eigentlich dein Herz zu deinem Leben? March 2020, pp. 62



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