Introducing the TAWNY Emotion Analytics web-platform

The world's first DIY Emotion SaaS subscription - powered by AI


The TAWNY Emotion Analytics platform is now available! TAWNY provides a wide range of tools for all professionals interested in connecting with their customers or users at an emotional level. Emotion AI technology is still in its infancy, but plenty use cases are currently being explored. TAWNY provides customizable business solutions for user emotion analysis in fields such as Market and Media Research, UX & Digital Testing and Scientific Research.




Introducing TAWNY for Market & Media Research


Emotion moves consumers – marketing and media professionals know it. For them, the TAWNY platform provides quantifiable evidence of consumers’ emotional responses to improve media or product performance. In a short period of time, it is possible to set up a full research setting to identify and boost the most emotional moments in a small online ad or a TV spot or to test new products and packaging solutions.



"TAWNY’s mission to humanize technology based on emotion recognition opens up a whole new universe of fresh ideas to fill the innovation pipe. Next generation media testing, empathic callcenters, smart cities reducing stress of their citizens. Using real-time emotional insights will help us to create unique media offerings and innovation."

- Christian von den Brincken, MD @Ströer





Introducing TAWNY for UX & Digital Testing


There is a gap between what users say and what they actually feel. For UX experts, TAWNY offers the opportunity to explore affective responses throughout the whole user journey. Getting nonverbal emotional insights on the user can help to improve websites, digital applications, or games.






Introducing TAWNY for Scientific Research


In research, emotions are recognized as important drivers of human behavior and new exciting findings are now emerging from studies at the intersection of human and computer sciences. Traditional methods of emotion research can be boosted by new ways of data collection and the integration of quantifiable data measured by cutting-edge AI algorithms. For scientists, TAWNY offers a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective research tool to freshen-up research.




"There are a number of complex lab settings on the market which I used for my research on affective computing and digital empathy. TAWNY now offers a very convenient, scalable, cost-efficient, valid and reliable new research tool”.

 – Prof. Dr. Alexander Hahn, Digital Marketing and Affective Computing



We make Emotion Analytics accessible for Everyone. Make use of this brand-new Emotion AI Platform to embed human responses into your decision process in a like never seen way. This is what we call state-of-the-art human affective computing by looking behind the scenes.




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