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  • TAWNY offers young scientists a stage to share their research using our technology. Enjoy the read by Sophie Schumann from TU Chemnitz who applied TAWNY LIVE in the field of online events.



In the case of events, emotions and experience form the center of communication. The emotional appeal strengthens the activation and thus also absorption, processing, and storage of information. Up to now, mainly qualitative measurement approaches (e.g., interview, participant observations) have been used for emotion measurement. However, most emotions are unconscious, which is why participants often find it difficult to recognize, describe and assess them. This results in a measurement problem of event performance. Therefore, the importance of new objective approaches to emotion recognition via Emotion AI analysis in the context of marketing events has been investigated more closely in this study.



  • - One online event
  • - 35 participants
  • - Age group: 20-67 years
  • - 54% female / 46% male


Research Design

- 4 groups: females up to 35 years, males up to 35 years, females from 36 years, males from 36 years

  • - Online event: world premiere of a new vehicle with 3 different event sections (moderation, speech of the CEO and presentation of the new vehicle with stage show)
  • - Implicit emotion measurement by TAWNY LIVE Emotions & control questionnaire after the online event


TAWNY Technology

The TAWNY LIVE Emotions Tool was used to track the emotions of the participants that attended the online event. The participants activated the camera on their laptops and allowed the web application to classify their emotions. The participants had to agree to the data protection terms using the principle of privacy by design. Hence, the classification took part on the device, completely anonymously and aggregated. These results were then used to generate insights about the event itself.




(C: Unsplash | Samantha Borges)



The TAWNY LIVE Emotions software was used to measure the participants' emotional reactions to 3 parts of the event: (1) Moderation, (2) Speech of the CEO, and (3) Stage show. The phase with the best performance in terms of evoking positive reactions was the vehicle presentation with stage show. On the other hand, during the moderations and the speech of the CEO, predominantly focused reactions could be measured. After the end of the show, the happy emotions spiked upwards due to showing sympathy to the moderator.


TU c


Particularly intense emotional phases of the event are determined by the number of emotional reactions at the same time. Analyzing the intensity of each individual reaction was very helpful to better identify special emotional stimuli.

Differences in perception could be observed between the individual participant groups. Female participants and the age groups of 36 and older showed stronger implicit emotional responses. If one also compares the objectively measured data of emotion tracking to the subjective statements of the participants from the control questionnaire, it is to be determined that happy reactions had been increasingly tracked over the duration of the event. In the questionnaires, on the other hand, the participants indicated that they had mainly experienced focused and neutral reactions. Happy moments - measured especially during the show part - could not be perceived consciously by the probands. Moreover, some of the subjective emotional statements do not seem exclusively related to the marketing event itself but are based on memories and experiences with the automotive industry.


In summary, it can be said that the emotional phases during a marketing event can be tracked and illustrated second-by-second. The real-time data recorded in the process is consistent with the temporal reality of the marketing event.

Algorithm-driven emotion recognition is relatively new in the field of event marketing, but there are endless possibilities. With TAWNY, you can gain insights over the time of an event in order to capture deeper insights about what content the participants enjoy watching. It can help event managers to learn about their audience, create relevant content and invite the speakers that will have the best emotional effect.


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