TAWNY Live Emotions

Great news: TAWNY GOES *** LIVE ***





We are so excited to present you our latest product update: The TAWNY Live Emotions powered by our TAWNY Emotion AI technology.


You are just a few steps away from bringing back the human factor to your virtual events!

Using TAWNY Live Emotions, you will allow your audience to share their emotions and experience the feeling of social connectedness. After the event, TAWNY can match the participants' emotional journey to the agenda and identifies the most exciting topics, speakers, and moments.


Use Live Emotions in remote or hybrid settings like digital meetings, events, conferences, and many more!

  • - Effortless and touchless feedback from your audience
  • - Automated, scalable and implicit emotion measurement of your audience 
  • - Privacy by design to protect your audiences' personal data



Today, we are happy to introduce to you the most important features of our new product with regards to your specific field of application. So don't hesitate - get your free expert demo now!


Contact us for TAWNY Live





Don't miss the chance to get emotional insights to your event like never before! 





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