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Have you ever wondered what makes a lasting memory?

"We are more than beyond proud, we created these impressive personal insights - thanks GetYourGuide and partners for your trust in our technology. Together we really achieved a deep dive into very intime moments and memories of special life experiences."
Isn't it all all about first moments but also beyond that about the longlasting ones?!"
Can you still remember these firsts? Watch here and be sure to read the lines under the video!!!
😍 Is there content out there, that touches you to tears? Well, we'll go first... 

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GetYourGuide: "We explored the influence of formative life events on the emotional intensity of memories. In an international study with 298 participants from Germany, the USA, and UK the TAWNY facial recognition software scanned emotional facial micro responses using our artificial intelligence — with strong results:

For 47% travel experiences beat the memory of the first kiss.

For 42% of the participants, the memory of an extraordinary travel experience is one of the top 3 moments in their life.



So get your experience, book one of the new exclusive and so called one-of-a-kind 'Originals’ with GetYourGuide, to not just create "first moments" but "lifelong memories" — we definetly recommend this.


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