Eye-tracking with TAWNY

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Remote Eye-tracking +++ powered by TAWNY's Emotion AI Technology


We are now able to measure the point of gaze and the motion of an eye relative to the head, bringing us another step closer to providing you with full-service emotion analytics tailored to your needs.


  • Check out the preview right here:


HubSpot Video



On the eye-tracking heat map, the red area represents the visual focus point of the majority of the viewers. The color scheme ranges from red(highest density of focus points) to yellow, green, and blue (lowest density of focus points). 



This is our brand-new TAWNY service and the perfect feature to analyze digital user experiences on a remote basis by using ONLY the webcam. This means that no further technical equipment is needed and the study can be conducted in a quick remote testing scenario.


We're proud to present to you the standards of modern market research!


With this add-on service, we extend the affective analysis to reveal additional insights about the viewers' focus and attention.  As always, we ensure high data quality and reliability following TAWNY's strict study guidelines. (Get in touch if you want to know more about how it works.)


In the case of a TV Spot test, so far, we have already covered all the viewers' emotional responses. But with our latest feature, you can now find out what the audience really focuses on - and relate the viewers' focus to their emotions!


And focus over time? Well, when combining eye-tracking data with our ROBY model (media emotion categories), we will also reveal if the scenes that had a strong emotional impact on the viewers meet with the scenes and details you wanted your audience to focus on.


Contact us for more information and let's start your full-service Emotion Analytics project! Connect to any online panel and conduct your remote user testing right away. Integrating eye-tracking into your study has never been easier!

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