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ZDF neo launches new miniseries on Emotion AI

Visualization of PAM in the co-working space
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TAWNY is it you? 


In the co-working space, programmer Jana dares to restart. New Life, new App, next big thing. An app that listens. It analyzes voices, gestures, and facial expressions. It builds on artificial intelligence that understands emotional behavior and gives advice. A digital therapist. That's it, the 'next big thing'.


Recently robbed of her own booming startup, she's now stealing an idea herself. PAM, that's the name of Jana's invention. PAM stands for Personal Assistant for Mental Health. PAM knows when you feel bad and why, she helps you like a true friend would do. By video analysis, facial expressions are divided into emotional categories. Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and more. Sounds like TAWNY, doesn´t it?


However, we didn´t need a party and a drunken coworker for such a great idea, but definitely more than one night to implement our project. Not bad, Jana 😉. PAM even analyzes voice and content in addition to facial expressions. It´s an artificial intelligence that talks to you.


“Jana first, I´ll do it alone” is her motto. A motto that doesn't work the way she wants it to. Soon she realizes: There is no chance for her to become successful all by herself. She needs a team; she needs charisma to sell her invention. And she's more than right - teamwork is everything. We fully agree and surely many of you can, too.


But would it even be possible to create something like PAM?

“In general, it is. But as Jana teaches us, lots of training data would be required and, of course, a secure environment to deploy it” says Gabriel, Business Development Manager at TAWNY. Even though we focus on facial expression recognition only (and no, we haven’t developed a PAM yet), we share some central ideas with Jana: We design human-centered technologies – whether we speak about workplace settings, in-car scenarios, or smart, connected, and emotionally intelligent products. It’s human-first. And how cool is the idea of a digital therapist or emotional companion?”



Well, among other great use cases of Emotion AI, the idea of PAM could definitely be beneficial to many!

What do you think?



Emotion AI analysis of PAM 

@ZDF, thanks for picking up such great ideas! Would you consider making PAM a real thing?




Author: Finja


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