TAWNY and the T-Challenge

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Digital Empathy in video-based Customer Interactions

Isn't this great?! With our project idea "The Emotional Companion Creating Digital Empathy in video-based Customer Interactions" we are under the top 10 of the T-Challenge on XR experiences. The ideas focus among other things on technologies and platforms that improve the XR experience. 
We are so happy to be selected!






Here you can find more to the challenge and the other nine finalists.


It's a challenge, organized by T-Labs and T-Mobile U.S., the award ceremony combined with a two-day exhibition as well as a pitch session will take place in Bonn on June, 1 - cross your fingers for TAWNY, please.


We are now in the mid of the "second phase of the competition" and developed our ideas with our T-challenge mentors. Our all goal is in the  “Concept and Design Creation” stream to have in the end a tangible prototype.

We are convinced that excellence in customer service is founded on empathy, we must therefore personalize digital CX technologies. We suggest applying TAWNY emotion recognition technology to add an empathic layer to digital interactions.


The biggest aim, of course, is to create a solution, which is fully integrated into selected Telekom shops in Germany, Europe, and the United States. So stay tuned and watch out for TAWNY in the Telekom stores in autumn, as we definitely like to win this challenge :)


So ready, set, go ...


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