The Human Factor for Virtual Events

Enable your audience to share and receive emotional feedback in real-time


Exploit the full power of human emotions and upgrade your virtual event with TAWNY Live Emotions. 
Use Live Emotions in remote or hybrid settings like digital meetings, events, conferences, and many more. 

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Benefits of using TAWNY Live Emotions

Connect Emotionally

Feel the vibes of the event community despite the physical & social distance.

Completely voluntary

You have full control. 
Be assured that we follow the highest standards of data protection.

Give feedback

Touchless, effortless & gamified.

emotional and engaging experience

Make the event an emotional adventure for your audience both at home and on site.

Get analytics, insights & feedback

Automated, scalable, and implicit insights from a much larger part of audience compared to other remote feedback mechanisms

Trusted by renowned companies

Bring back the feeling of social connectedness
Effortless emotion recognition for virtual and hybrid settings

TAWNY's AI-powered algorithms recognize significant emotional reactions on the participants' faces and share them anonymously with peers in the same channel. This way, you can capture the emotional atmosphere of your event and overcome the missing emotional dimension, social presence and peer interaction in video communication. 

Let's bring back the human factor to digital events!

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We ensure your data is always protected
Privacy by Design
  • Your video data is never stored nor transmitted
  • All emotions are analyzed locally
  • All emotions are transmitted anonymously
  • Emotion sharing is voluntary and can be turned off at any time

Get insights into your virtual events like never before

Understanding the emotional journey
Moment-by-moment emotion analytics of your audience

Get deep insights into your audience's experience and measure what the participants feel throughout the digital journey of your virtual event.

Match agenda items with your attendees' reactions and get to know all about the emotional roller coaster ride your agenda points took them on! 

Live capturing
Emotion API in real-time

Live-Streaming and Live Emotions? The perfect fit! Integrate the Live Emotions directly into your platform feed and use our cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic virtual event experience. Boost your event with emotional live feedback! Ready. Set. On air.

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