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Quick, accurate and cost-effective guerrilla testing of UX and digital applications made easy
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For UX designers and professionals in digital and social media agencies TAWNY offers a new tool to measure objective data on human emotions throughout digital experiences. By understanding affective user responses, you can better identify what is working well in the experience, and what may be points where users get lost and frustrated. The platform helps to take your insights of nonverbal user experience to the next level. You can apply it for a wide range of scenarios from testing websites, digital applications, mobile apps, social media content or games. Emotion AI is transforming the way we manage digital journeys in order to optimize the customer experience. The future state-of-the-art of user experience research will be at the speed and scale of AI.


Agile testing of your digital applications and websites

  • By objectively measuring what humans feel throughout the digital journey, you get deeper insights into the user experience. Emotional tracking provides a more empirical understanding of behavioural patterns.
  • By measuring parameters like valence, focus, sympathy, emotional activation, attention or simply smiling, UX professionals can better identify what works well and what does not, and then optimize the user experience.
  • Involve feedback on user emotions in the early stages and more frequently to develop the most successful website, smartphone app or digital application. Be truly customer-centric and involve the whole team into the design process.
  • Determine and select winning versions and supercharge your A/B testing with emotion data. Compare alternative user journeys, layouts, interactive elements, workflows, soundtracks and other digital elements.
  • Create a fast and focused process to diagnose problem areas. Measuring non-verbalized emotions and feelings allow to better understand why things doesn’t work as intended.
  • Test digital applications in their natural situation of use in front of the desk or on the move on the mobile device.

Rigorous and quick testing of your Social Media content and creatives

  • Give your social media content and creatives an emotional boost. A positive emotional response helps to ensure your videos engage viewers, hold their attention and grow your brand equity.
  • Apply TAWNY as an easy to handle and scalable testing opportunity in times of an exploding volume of digital content across channels and formats making traditional testing very cost-intensive and cumbersome.
  • While social media and longtail content contributes heavily to the total consumer experience, it is not regularly tested for human response prior to launch, and often goes online without rigorous testing.
  • Analyse second-by-second when users take a look on your visual posts and find out about the first impression and when they lose emotional engagement. This helps to take editing decisions and improve performance.
  • Decide for the most impactful creative before you disseminate it and get the most out of your performance marketing budgets.
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