The TAWNY Video Test

Measure the impact of your TV spot or video ad - powered by TAWNY's Emotion AI Technology


Find out how your audience reacts to your content, visualize how they engage with your video emotionally, and unveil how your message is received - based on TAWNY's Hook-Peak-End model.

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Benefits of using the TAWNY Video Test

Rapid Video testing

Get unbiased implicit & explicit insights into your audience’s emotional reactions and journey.

Advertising effctiveness

Measure the impact of your advertisement & evaluate the recall of your message.


Compare different versions of your video & see how it performs compared to major competitors.

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Start a new era of testing videos
Emotions matter

For the TAWNY Video Test, we combine implicit & explicit insights. In an innovative study, we assess emotional reactions to the video content using groundbreaking Emotion AI technology and traditional market research methodologies (KPIs).

This way, you gain insights from both - most important from the TAWNY perspective, the human intuitive reactions, as well as conscious decision-making to your movie trailer, video ad, or product presentation.


Get emotional insights to your videos like never before

Understanding the emotional impact of your video content
TAWNY's Hook-Peak-End Model
  • TAWNY translates the results into emotion scores 
  • Test if the 3 criteria of HPE are met
  • Maximize the recall effect with TAWNY's hook-peak-end model
  • Get detailed moment-by-moment analytics & emotion parameters
Built on Nobel Prize winner D. Kahneman's theory
Advertising effectiveness

Use TAWNY's ad tech to increase your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by maximizing recall effects through the optimal design of hook, peaks & end.

Improve rough cuts, select pivotal moments, define optimal spot length and allocate media budgets to winning spots.

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Learn to understand the emotional impact of your videos and
decode human affective states with TAWNY's Emotion AI.

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