Eye-Tracking via Webcam

Conduct eye-tracking studies easily, cost-effectively, and without additional hardware. Your study participants only need a webcam.

Key findings at a glance
Aggregated heatmaps

Eye-tracking heatmaps allow you to easily identify the most viewed content. Are the important elements getting the attention they need? Is a message getting lost?

HubSpot Video

Original video: Blender, License: CC-BY

HubSpot Video

Original video: Blender, License: CC-BY

Gaze by gaze
Detailed fixation sequences

Track how individuals view your video, website, or billboard. Analyze the exact path of their gaze to optimize your content.

Webcam-based technology, without additional hardware
Worldwide studies, without a lab

With the help of TAWNY's study software, your participants can easily take part in your study via web browser. You do not need any additional hardware, only the standard webcam of the laptop. This allows you to conduct studies worldwide with little effort, without ordering your participants to the lab.

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Easy-to-understand metrics
Areas of Interest

Pinpoint the most relevant elements of your content to get easy-to-understand metrics for your core content. For example, learn how many people have viewed the element (Reach) or how long people have viewed the element (Dwell Time).

A powerful combination, included by default
Emotion Recognition

When you work with TAWNY, you not only get a high-quality, webcam-based eye tracking solution, but at the same time TAWNY's award-winning emotion recognition. Both methods are already included in our standard projects, so that neither you nor your study participants incur any additional effort or higher costs. The combination of eye tracking and emotion recognition enables us not only to understand what the participants were looking at, but also to see what their emotional reaction was.

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